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About Us

   “AnnaCustomDress” is a studio with 3 excellent dressmakers. Here, at the very beginning, I want to make a promise, 99% of you will love your dresses. Even if you met some unexpected problem, you will get satisfied solutions timely. I will never delete this promise.

by Anna on Oct 18, 2014


   Dear everyone, firstly thank you for visiting my website. Some of you are my regular customers from my Etsy shop. Your consistent supports mean a lot to me. The website was established most because of your suggestions and encouragement. I am so thankful.

   I've been custom making dresses for more than 10 years. I had worked for a very famous US company for 8 years. Every dress I made sold at a very high price, sometimes several thousand US dollars. (I can't mention its name, but you probably have bought a dress from it.)

   I started to have my own studio in 2010 after I knew Etsy, which is such a great platform. I chose to make simple dresses instead of wedding dresses because of a ridiculous reason---it's always too difficult to package a huge wedding dress. Then I started to have my own customers as well as several wholesalers. One of the wholesalers is a Japanese, who has a big dress store in Tokyo. She is so strict on quality and details, but I survived and I did learn a lot from this cooperation...

   Now I have my own website. I will keep offering you cheap but perfect dresses now and future.

by Anna on Jan 1, 2012


   The site was transferred from Magento to Shopify in Jan. 2020. We removed a lot of old styles. I am sorry if the dress you love is gone. But I can still make it for you if you provide its product ID or pictures.

   And I start to offer some "ready to wear" products. You can see "made to order" or "ready to wear" in every listing's title or description. Those ready-to-wear products are not handmade by me, but I am still responsible for their quality.

by Anna on April 7, 2020


   We updated the size chart of men's vests on June 25, 2021. Pls make sure you read it before choosing a standard size. Thank you.

   The former size chart is from XS to 5XL.

   The new one is from S to 3XL. But each size becomes much larger.

   Still no extra fee for Custom Size.

by Anna on June 25, 2021